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Who we are

The Company is set as a “Family and Friends Office” and manages the investments made in companies of the BioHighTech sector as biomedical, biotechnologies and bioinformatics.

The economic operating theatre is Friuli Venezia Giulia region and the neighbouring countries of the AlpeAdria area.

The main activity is in order to accelerate the development and asset value of this high specialized sector.

The Chairman and founder of the company, Diego Bravar, holds the majority of the share capital (1.8 mln € at 31/5/19) with 52.7%. Other significant shareholders are: Friulia Spa with 14.3%, VenetWork which participates through Bio Holding Srl with 15.6%, Dima3 Srl with 5.7%, Marina Pittini con il 3,4%, Samer & Co. Shipping Spa with 2.9%. The remaining 5.4% is held by 10 other shareholders.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors is Diego Bravar, electronic engineer, founder and chairman of TBS Group until 2017, vice-chairman of Confindustria Venezia Giulia.
The Vice President is Paolo Giribona, electronic engineer, professor at the faculty of medicine of the University of Trieste, consultant of the major Italian hospitals and The World Bank, Washington D.C. (Health & Human Development sector).
The members of the Board of Directors are Giulia Bravar, Tiziano Busin, Marino Malvestio, Marina Pittini, Davide Jacur Romanin, Roberta Terpin, Enrico Samer.

The Board of Statutory Auditors is composed of Claudio Sambri, Chairman; and the Statutory Auditors Luca Valentincich and Mario Calligaris.

Diego Bravar – CHAIRMAN

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Paolo Giribona – VICE-PRESIDENT

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The Committee for the analysis and evaluation of investments is chaired by Giovanni Loser, a graduate of Luigi Bocconi in Milan, former general manager of Illycaffè, while the function of Project Manager is headed by Irene Lasorsa, clinical and biomedical engineer.

Giovanni Loser – President of the Investment Committee

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Irene Lasorsa – Project manager

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Paolo Luisi – Commercial consultant

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BioHighTech is an industrial sector with high added value, highly innovative and dynamic, represented by companies operating in the fields of biomedical technologies, biotechnologies, medical information technology and bioinformatics that are strongly linked, with an international turnover of about $ 600 billion (of which about half in biomedical technologies) and growing with percentages ranging from 4% (biomedical technologies) to 7-10% (biotechnologies and medical / bioinformatics information technology). Even in Europe, the market for biomedical technologies (MedTech) alone is worth € 100 billion, growing by 4% per year and includes over 25,000 companies, of which 85% are SME’s. In Friuli Venezia Giulia alone there are about 150 companies in the BioHighTech sector, with a turnover of about € 700 million and an average growth of 4% per year, a result obtained also in recent years of economic crisis. The development of this innovative “regional industrial system” in the health sector has been developed above all by the considerable investments made by the Italian Government in the research bodies of Trieste (about € 300 million per year in the last 30 years) and by other funding in the research and social-health bodies of the FVG Region, which have created a real research system that also operates in the health sector, which is highlighted in this way:

✓ scientific research and training activities carried out in this field by the Universities of Trieste and Udine and by the Scuola Superiore di Studi Avanzati, SISSA of Trieste,

✓ the concentration of regional research institutions of international scope that also operate in this field, such as:

  • Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, an international multidisciplinary research centre of excellence, specialized in the application of synchrotron radiation and lasers and free electrons in the science of materials, provides industry with all its skills, technological capabilities and products to offer value-added services to support the product and process development of national and foreign companies in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, agri-food and manufacturing sectors;
  • ICGEB Trieste, International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, supported by more than 60 countries including the BRICST countries, is an important access point to the international research system in the field of genetic engineering and in promoting the development of biotechnology products and services in developing countries;

✓ the integrated and multisectoral system of health and social protection of which the Trieste Public Authority for Personal Services, ITIS, as well as the hospitals of Trieste and Udine, are part, together with the scientific research and treatment institutes, Burlo Garofolo of Trieste and CRO of Aviano;

✓ the system integrated by the national science and technology park (Area Science Park of Trieste) which, together with the regional science and technology parks (Technology Pole of Trieste and Pordenone, Science and technology parks of Udine and Amaro), also with the related function of start-up incubator, also operates in the health sector;

✓ the geographical position of Friuli Venezia Giulia and of the other regions of the Alpe Adria area, which allows cross-border and international collaboration, also in the health sector.

The virtuous interaction between the entrepreneurial system of BioHighTech and the system of the University, Research, Training and Regional Social Health finds application in the production of goods and services in the health sector, based on the innovation of the industrial sectors of health (as biomedical, pharmaceutical and/or biopharmaceutical); of the social sector (as domotics and tele-assistance); of the agro-food sector (as nutriceutics); of the environment (as biotechnologies); all linked to a concept of well-being of the population.

The development of innovation in the health sector is also part of the Smart Health programme of intelligent specialisation of the FVG Region and could be speeded up by the intervention of Biovalley Investments S.p.A. which, by providing financial capital, industrial and commercial experience, could encourage interaction between the BioHighTech business system and the research and social-health system operating in the sector in Friuli Venezia Giulia and other neighbouring regions of the Alpe Adria area (Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige, Slovenia, Austria and Croatia), and contribute to accelerating the growth of this highly innovative and dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem.

What we do

Biovalley Investments S.p.A., founded in 2014, on the basis of the consolidated industrial experience of the founder and majority shareholder, focuses the management of its investments on the following long-term objective:

  • support for the development of micro, small and medium enterprises operating in BioHighTech in the Alpe Adria area and in particular in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. The same Region has, in fact, identified the Smart Health sector as one of the five regional strategies of intelligent specialization (S3-Smart Specialization Strategy). Biovalley Investments S.p.A. has been actively involved since its establishment in the development of this project on behalf of CBM, which has been delegated by the FVG Region to manage the regional cluster in the health sector.

In more detail, Biovalley Investments S.p.A. operates through:

  • minority participation in the risk capital of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Each individual investment is decided by the administrative body on the basis of the specific characteristics of the target company and its market. The decision is the result of an overall judgement matured after a careful analysis of the credentials of the company and/or of the entrepreneurs and/or of the management, of the approved budgets, of business plans and/or industrial plans, prospects of the market of the goods/services offered by the company. The cumulative investment of Biovalley Investments S.p.A. in the capital of each individual company is minority even considering the co-investment with other financial partners and / or industrial. The indicative duration of each investment will be 5-7 years; the potential interlocutors for the disposals may be industrial and/or financial subjects, Italian and/or foreign;
  • stable minority shareholding (0.5%) in the risk capital of TBS Group, even after the takeover bid of the Pantheon Group launched in June 2017 through the vehicle Double 2 Spa. In fact, the Trieste office is expected to become a centre of excellence for the research and development activities of the new integrated group, not only in current biomedical technologies, but also for the new frontier of confluence with IT and ICT. TBS is the largest of the companies belonging to BioHighTech.net. The aim of this network is, in fact, above all to accelerate the growth of businesses by implementing industrial synergies between micro and small businesses (which represent the majority of businesses in the network) and the few medium and / or large regional companies (such as TBS Group);
  • analysis and structuring of business plans and research projects through the provision of highly professional consulting services and experience in the field of biomedical, bioICT, biotech, or in the biohightech sector;
  • identification and enhancement of possible synergies with innovative business realities in ICT and in particular in the Internet of Things, also related to traditional industrial sectors operating in health and wellness (well being).

The development plans 2018-2021 of BioValley Investments Spa and BioValley Investments Partner Srl provide for the expansion of partnerships, accompanied by investments that are being defined, including, by way of example, with companies located in:

  • Business Innovation Center (BIC), known as BIC incubators FVG, which currently houses the headquarters of BioValley Investments, and since 1989 has contributed to the creation of more than 220 high-tech companies that now employ over 2,500 workers. The TBS Group itself took its first steps here more than 30 years ago.
  • Area Science Park, the science park of Trieste, developed on an area of 23,000 square meters of highly specialized laboratories, which places the interaction between research and industry as a driving factor to ensure development and growth. Many of the economic activities born or developed within this scientific institution have entered into the interests and support of BioValley Investments (Tbs Group, O3, Bilimetrix).
  • Urban Center, which will be built by the City of Trieste with funds POR-FESR 2014-2020 in corso Cavour 2/2 and intended to accomodate micro, small and medium companies of the BioHighTech sector. A project of 4.5 mln € of which 3 mln € for the establishment of 50 companies involved in the development of IoHT (Internet of health things) in the areas of health, welfare and the environment.
  • Other science and technology parks in the Alps-Adriatic Area.

Business network: BioHighTech-Net

Biovalley Investments S.p.A. is the lead company of the network of companies called BioHighTech-NET and established in Trieste pursuant to and for the purposes of Article 3, paragraphs 4-ter and following of Law April 9, 2009, no. 33, as amended by art. 42 of Decree Law May 31, 2010, no. 78, converted by Law July 30, 2010, no. 122.
The network of companies is a collaboration agreement between companies that allows, while maintaining its independence, autonomy and speciality, to implement projects and shared objectives with a view to increasing the capacity for innovation and competitiveness in international markets.
The network has already been joined by 37 companies from the FVG and Veneto regions that operate in the BioHighTech sector and/or in the services supporting them.

1SUN S.r.l.
ALTHEA S.p.A. – ex ITAL TBS S.p.A.
FACAU S.r.l.
LOGIC S.r.l.
InSilicoTrails Technologies S.r.l.
T&B e Associati
TINTI S.n.c.

Connected with the network portal


Biovalley Investments S.p.A. is the majority shareholder of

BioValley Investments Partner Srl, a financial company created to make the business ecosystem even more effective in support of the BioHighTech sector and expand the collection of financial investments for its development, mainly through majority control issues.

Currently Biovalley Investments S.p.A. is a minority shareholder of:

A.P.E. Research Srl (Applied Physics and Engineering Research) is a high-tech company specialising in the design and manufacture of advanced instruments in the field of nanotechnologies. It develops and produces probe microscopes and ultra-high resolution displacement sensors, which can be used in many disciplines such as: materials science, surface science, biology, chemistry, medicine.

Bilimetrix Srl microcompany born in 2012, active in the bio-medical sector, has developed the Bilistick® System, medical device for the early diagnosis of neonatal jaundice (hyperbilirubinemia).

G&life Spa is a company founded in 2009 within Area Science Park in Trieste, and develops products and services tailored to DNA analysis by engaging multidisciplinary teams of genetic experts, biologists and nutritionists, in the wake of the established relationship between genome, eating habits and health.

InSilicoTrials Technologies Srl is a company founded in 2016 as a spin-off of Promeditec Srl, a company specialized in technological solutions for clinical trials. It offers the web platform that allows companies and institutions to accelerate research and development processes, thus reducing costs, using models and simulations made with advanced technologies developed by researchers of the highest scientific level. Thanks to the models and simulations present on the platform, it allows to accelerate the evolution of science avoiding mistakes that other researchers have already approached and solved, avoiding the repetition of tests already carried out and spreading knowledge through the web.

ServerNet Srl is an ICT start-up founded in 2013, specializing in the search for innovative solutions for the integration of data and heterogeneous systems. It is able to support customers in the implementation of specific solutions, providing a flexible platform and transversally usable and customizable by customers based on specific experiences and needs.

T&B e Associati Srl a project management company for the implementation of innovative projects in the BioHighTech sector. The headquarters is at the Area Science Park in Basovizza and has multidisciplinary and international expertise for financial and legislative consulting, including in the field of research, able to provide know-how for the improvement of efficiency and profitability.

EURO BioHighTech 2019. In Meet in Italy for Life Sciences at Trieste.

BioValley Investments, as lead company of BioHighTech NET, has established, together with Aries – Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Trieste, CBM – Consortium of Molecular Biomedicine of Trieste and Confindustria Venezia Giulia, the promoting committee of EURO BioHighTech, encouraged by the success of the two editions of BioHighTech Companies Day, hosted by the prestigious headquarter of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region in Piazza Unità d’Italia in Trieste, in 2015 and 2016.

In 2019, after two editions that have anticipated Trieste Next, the European exhibition of Scientific Research, EURO BioHighTech is present with a session of Meet In Italy for Life Sciences, the national traveling event, created by the initiative of the National Cluster Technology Life Sciences ALISEI, the main opportunity for meeting and networking between all stakeholders interested in the issues of Life Sciences.

EURO BioHighTech, Meet in Italy Edition 2019, presents the advantages for citizens that derive from Innovation in Smart Health sectors. The direct connection and the coordinated work of the Research & Innovation Projects with the business world, even across borders, of companies that produce and sell innovative products in the Biomedical, Biotechnological and Bioinformatics sectors, have allowed to explore new opportunities for development and well-being for the citizens of the Alpe-Adria Area.
Thanks to the European funding related to the “Intelligent Specialization” of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, the research bodies and regional companies that are members of the BioHighTech NET Network present the most successful R&D projects.

In 2020, on the 4th and 5th of July, EURO BioHighTech will anticipate the key events of ESOF2020.



Biovalley Investments S.p.a. examines investment proposals from micro, small and medium-sized enterprises having the following characteristics:

  • be incorporated in the form of a corporation;
  • have their head office or local unit in Friuli Venezia Giulia and/or in other regions of the Alpe Adria area;
  • in the last three approved financial statements they have achieved a net result for the year that is not negative and a non-negative difference between the value of item A and item B pursuant to art. 2425 of the Italian Civil Code; in the absence of financial statements already approved for the years prior to the current year at the time of evaluation, evidence of compliance with these restrictions on the basis of the company’s internal management accounts.