Paving the Future of Regenerative Medicine with Advanced Cell Therapies

Around the world, we are increasingly aware of the aging problem, which faces many challenges in the field of medicine, among others. The Interreg IT-SI project ARTE tackled one of those issues, through testing new approaches in stem-cell technology for advanced therapies in regenerative medicine. The project also addresses the issue of creating the right environment for such innovations to take full effect. As the project is nearing its end, the ARTE partners invite you to join us in sharing with you our scientific, clinical and socio-economic results, which are a direct outcome of collaboration between partners from the industry & academia.

Join us, on Dec. 16th, on Zoom, from 16:00-18:00 at the final event, titled Paving the Future of Regenerative Medicine with Advanced Cell Therapies.

Registration, agenda & speakers available on Eventbrite:

BioValley Investments Partner closes Equity collection with CrowdFundMe

At the conclusion of the action, the equity, collected through CrowdFundMe, amounts to 1,655 K€! Satisfaction for the result achieved is expressed by the Management of BioValley Investments Partner, the industrial sub-holding of the leading company BioValley Spa.

The importance of the result is also expressed by the only Crowdinvesting portal (Equity Crowdfunding, Real Estate Crowdfunding, Corporate Debt) listed on Piazza Affari, dedicated to supporting innovative startups and at the same time able to enhance the value of industrial holding companies that invest in start-ups and innovative SMEs. (link (apre in una nuova scheda)”>>link)

The result was achieved thanks to 62 private investors, including Bio4Dreams, a certified incubator with totally private capital dedicated to specialized startups, which decided to invest in the Trieste holding company, as a company that well represents the BioHighTech market in the innovative Life Sciences sector and accredited to the Ministry of Health as a Pharmaceutical Company for the distribution of orphan drugs in Italy.

With an expected collection target of 500 K€, the result was even more than three times higher, confirming the expectations that the national economy has in the BioHighTech sector, and recognizing in the regulatory efforts that the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region is implementing, great potential for competitive development for the innovative and technological industry of Health and Life Sciences, which in the Trieste area gains particular significance for the consolidated collaboration with the many scientific research institutions present.

Biovalley Investments Partner in overfunding thanks to Bio4Dreams and private investors

Biovalley Investments Partner (BIP), the industrial holding company controlled by BioValley Investments Spa, which operates in the BioHighTech business, after completing the first collection phase in 2019 and bringing the capital to 6.6M€, is raising more than 800K€ with CrowdFundMe. The result has been achieved also thanks to the participation of Bio4Dreams, which has decided to invest in the holding company of Trieste 250K€.
“With BIP we have decided to operate in a strategic sector, the life sciences, to capitalize on the research and entrepreneurial tissue of the northeast and the Alpe-Adria region” – said the President of BIP, Diego Bravar.
“This is why we have set up an industrial holding company (Innovative SME) that invests in BioMed, BioTech and BioICT and is also operating as a pharmaceutical company,” continues Mr. Bravar, adding: “We are very pleased with Bio4Dreams’ participation and with other private investors in this crowdfunding initiative. Bio4Dreams is a professional investor and certified incubator that we know and that operates in our sector”.

“The dialogue between the two structures was born spontaneously because the investment sector – life sciences – is the same, but the investment profiles are different. The two entities can integrate virtuously to increase value creation: Bio4Dreams for the selection of projects and business ideas suitable to become startups and to consolidate, BIP to speed up their growth and insert the most promising ones in their pipeline”.

The presence of Bio4Dreams at BIC Trieste, where Biovalley Investment Partner is also based, allows to combine proximity value with the possibility to expand the network of local startups nationwide, thanks to its multiple locations throughout Italy (Milan, Naples, Genoa, Trieste, Siena, Trento, etc.).
Elisabetta Borello, Co-Founder and VP Strategy & External Relations of Bio4Dreams is sure that this is an important step that will start a virtuous path: “With our 340 projects evaluated and 14 startups launched – 9 of which are subsidiaries – we believe that this operation can create further value: for us, because we believe in the growth of BIP and for BIP itself, because the complementarity and synergy between our structures can expand its range of investment choices and, at the same time, the startups we incubate”.

In all this CrowdFundMe, the only Crowdinvesting portal (Equity Crowdfunding, Real Estate Crowdfunding, Corporate Debt) listed on Piazza Affari, celebrates the beginning of the new year with the confirmation of being a platform in Italy that has proven to be able to support innovative startups and at the same time able to enhance the value of industrial holding companies that invest in start-ups and innovative SMEs.

Biovalley Investments Partner SrL is an innovative industrial holding company and SME, founded in 2017, focused on investments in innovative companies operating in the BioHighTech (BioMed, Biotech, BioICT) life sciences and medical markets. As at 31/12/2019 it has a share capital of 6.6M€ and has holdings in 11 companies. It is accredited by the Ministry of Health as a pharmaceutical company for the distribution of orphan drugs in Italy.

Download the press release “IL PICCOLO” di Trieste (.pdf)

A.P.E. Research and the Atomic Force Microscope: research with the CNR

A.P.E. Research, a BioHighTech company, participated by BioValley Investments, has supplied one of its leading products, the Atomic Force Microscope, to an important CNR research project. The first results are now beginning to be known. Published in a major scientific journal. But let’s proceed with order.

The image, published on the cover of Advanced Elecronic Materials, was made with the powerful microscope of APE Research.

The results of this research, which has seen the collaboration of the Istituto officina dei materiali of the Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche (CNR-Iom), the Sincrotrone Elettra, the University of Milan, the Politecnico di Milano, the Istituto di Nanoscienze di Modena, would lead to the conclusion that it is possible to modify the morphological properties of an object made of material, belonging to the class of multiferroic, on the basis of simple electrical impulses. It is then possible to restore the initial characteristics by reversing the field voltage. Piero Torelli of the Istituto officina dei materiali of the Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche (Cnr-Iom) is of this opinion.

In short, it seems that it is possible to modify the shape of an object, and then go back to its initial structure.

“The resources of growth, nanofabrication, surface characterization and synchrotron light spectroscopy of the NFFA (Nano Foundry and Fine Analysis) infrastructure at the Cnr-Iom, the atomic force microscope (Afm), were used to measure the morphology of the sample and obtain a three-dimensional image of it. Finally, the optical microscope was used to measure the surface change in real time,” explains Stefano Prato, one of the authors and the founder of A.P.E. Research.

For further information you can consult the press releases, the link to which is given below.
> Link to the CNR Press Release
> Link to Area Science Park news

ServerNet Srl at the Singularity University’s annual Exponential Medicine Summit

ServerNet Srl, the company with ICT specialization owned by BioValley Investments is present these days, with its founder Jukic Vedran, at the Singularity University’s annual Exponential Medicine Summit at San Diego.
The symposium is attended by the most important neuroscientists and surgeons, as well as academics and entrepreneurs from around the world. More than 70 experts will explain that technology is changing and conditioning almost every aspect of modern life, medicine and health are no exception. New technologies are bringing rapid progress, including disease diagnosis and drug discovery.

Servernet Srl is on this fast train to provide infrastructure solutions consisting of hardware and software, as well as professional services to companies with data integration needs in heterogeneous systems even spread over a wide area.



> Link Singularity University

Capital for SMEs: new crowd funding tools

CrowdFundMe, Friulia Finanziaria FVG and BioValley Investments present, through a series of territorial conferences (Trieste, Udine and Pordenone), the new tools for raising Equity for SMEs and innovative StartUp.

From the innovative idea to its realization: CrownFundMe proposes to the general public of private investors the projects with the best potential for success, giving entrepreneurs the tools to obtain the necessary financing for the development of their businesses.

These are the dates of the information cycle:

> Download the presentation (.pdf)

> Download the invitation with the speakers (.pdf)



TRAIN Interreg Project at Meet In Italy for Life Sciences 2019

It is the Industrial Day of the Interreg Italia-Slovenia TRAIN, the project financed by the regional programme of intelligent specialisation, for more than one million euros. BioValley Investments participates as a partner with the task of communicating and disseminating the results achieved. The project fosters cross-border cooperation between scientists and innovative industry in the field of BioMed, and aims to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases, such as myocardial infarction, difficult wounds even in patients with diabetes and inflammatory diseases.

The appointment is in the prestigious setting of the Meet in Italy for Life Sciences, the national traveling event of matchmaking and updating in the field of Life Sciences, Thursday, October 17 from 9:00 to 10:30 in the Auditorium of Molo IV in Trieste.


> Download the TRAIN project agenda (pdf)

> Download TRAIN flyer (ITA.pdf)
> Download TRAIN flyer (SLO.pdf)
> Download TRAIN flyer (ENG.pdf)


EURO BioHighTech 2019 & Meet In Italy for Life Sciences

BioValley Investments will be present at Euro BioHighTech organized at Molo IV of Trieste, in the program of Meet in Italy for Life Sciences, the itinerant appointment of matchmaking and updating in the field of Life Sciences. Once again we are talking about innovation in the BioHighTech sector, collaboration between Research Centres and Companies, specialized training in response to the needs of companies.

The event will be presented by BioHighTech NET, the network of companies of which BioValley is the leader, by Aries, the in-house company of the Chamber of Commerce, by Confindustria Venezia Giulia and by the regional cluster CBM.

The program, intense and tight, downloadable below, sees the participation of ten SME’s in the Alpe-Adria Area that have made Industrial Innovation their flag and their bet for the future. They will present 16 avant-garde R&D projects, financed by the intelligent specialisation of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, looking beyond, towards the benefits for citizens, towards the economic growth of the territory and towards the consolidation of the companies involved in the development of the BioHighTech sector.

The speaker of the session held by BioValley Investments will be Giovanni Loser who, starting from the three research projects Art, Nadiatools and Train (which will be the subject of specific workshop at 9.00 am on Thursday, October 17), will approach the theme of ‘exponential organization’.

At the end of the meeting, the conclusions will be drawn by Prof. Nadio Delai, President of Ermeneia Studi & Strategie di Sistema.


> Scarica il programma completo (ENG.pdf)

> Scarica il programma completo (ITA.pdf)

> Link per l’iscrizione gratuita al workshop


11 september 2019: collaboration with CAB EXPO

September 11, 2019: appointment at Ca’Foscari University Venice, where BioValley will participate in CAB EXPO – Business Acceleration, the Interreg Italy-Slovenia project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund with over one million €.
Giovanni Loser, President of the Investment Committee of BioValley Investments, and CEO of the Partner, will discuss the theme of Venture Capitalists.

The “CAB” (Crossborder Acceleration Bridge) project aims at facilitating the unexpressed potential development of innovative start-ups and SMEs in the so-called Intelligent Specialisation sectors in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Slovenia. In fact, in addition to numerous universities in the cross-border district, two science and technology parks participate in the development of the project: Friuli Innovazione and ABC Accelerator.

Further information can be found on the programme website at the link:

Download the event calendar at the link:
CAB EXPO Agenda 11.09

Free registration to the event: 


September 11, 2019, at 09:30
Main hall G. Cazzavillan
Economic Campus San Giobbe
Ca’Foscari University

Free access




In the scope of the ARTE project, co-financed by the Interreg Italia-Slovenia programme, we invite you to send your offer for the implementation of one of the following lectures, as part of a study visit of Slovenian healthcare-based companies to BioValley Investments on the 31st of July:

  • Introduction to FVG Healthcare system
  • Regulations on medical devices and digital solutions
  • Investments & funding opportunities in Italy

All lectures must be tailored to Slovenian companies attending the study tour. Please send your offers to Urska Rauter, until 15. 7. 2019, till 3 pm. For more details please consult the corresponding Call for offers: