ENG Biovalley Investments S.p.A. is the sole shareholder of

BioValley Investments Partner S.r.l., a financial company created to make the business ecosystem even more effective in support of the BioHighTech sector and expand the collection of financial investments for its development, through majority control commitments.


Currently Biovalley Investments S.p.A. is a minority shareholder of:

A.P.E. Research S.r.l. (Applied Physics and Engineering Research) is a high-tech company specialising in the design and manufacture of advanced instruments in the field of nanotechnologies. It develops and produces probe microscopes and ultra-high resolution displacement sensors, which can be used in many disciplines such as: materials science, surface science, biology, chemistry, medicine.

Bilimetrix S.r.l. microcompany born in 2012, active in the bio-medical sector, has developed the Bilistick® System, medical device for the early diagnosis of neonatal jaundice (hyperbilirubinemia).

G&life S.p.a is a company founded in 2009 within Area Science Park in Trieste, and develops products and services tailored to DNA analysis by engaging multidisciplinary teams of genetic experts, biologists and nutritionists, in the wake of the established relationship between genome, eating habits and health.

O3 Enterprise S.r.l. a micro-company operating since 2008 in the medical information technology sector, develops in particular innovative solutions and biomedical image visualization (PACS – Picture Archiving Communication System).

ServerNet S.r.l. is an ICT start-up founded in 2013, specializing in the search for innovative solutions for the integration of data and heterogeneous systems. It is able to support customers in the implementation of specific solutions, providing a flexible platform and transversally usable and customizable by customers based on specific experiences and needs.

TBS Group S.p.a., a leading company in the BioHighTech sector, has been operating in clinical engineering services in outsourcing since 1992, with a production value of over € 230 million generated in 21 countries. Since July 2017, following the takeover bid launched by the Permira Funds, the Althea-Pantheon group has been formed (with TBS and seven other companies), a giant in the sector of 400 mln €.

T&B e Associati S.r.l. a project management company for the implementation of innovative projects in the BioHighTech sector. The headquarters is at the Area Science Park in Basovizza and has multidisciplinary and international expertise for financial and legislative consulting, including in the field of research, able to provide know-how for the improvement of efficiency and profitability.